Acoustic walls

Gyproc acoustic walls are proven solutions where you utilise the wall’s area as part of the sound absorbing area in a given room. The solution can be used in connection with new buildings and new interior decoration and in building renovations.

Gyproc acoustic walls can be used in all rooms, where there is high demand for both insulation as well as reverberation time. The acoustic wall can hence contribute to complying with the reverberation time stipulated in BR08.

The project calculations for reverberation times and absorption areas for rooms in schools and day care centres, for example, must be achieved by using acoustic ceilings combined with sound absorbing wall cladding. In general, it is recommended to place 10-15% of the total absorption area on walls or other vertical surfaces in order to achieve the desired level of absorption in a room.

Gyproc acoustic walls can be combined with a long list of Gyptone acoustic ceilings, which with Gyptone patterns offer a broad range of designs and great freedom.