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Gyptone App for iPad
Aesthetics is an important value for Gyptone acoustic ceilings. The many designs and styles makes endless possibilities for unique acoustic ceilings and exciting solutions. To help the creative process on track, we have launched a Gyptone App for Ipad. The app is designed as a tool for inspiration and it is filled with project images from exciting building projects. Common to all projects focus on unique solutions and each project is described with product details, images and information about the project. In designing the app we focused on usability and inspiration, and it is possible to search projects based on various criteria, such as product, room type, application, etc. The project can be saved and forwarded to others with project details, and you can find the appropriate contact information.

You will find the new app available for download free from the iPad App store

Gyptone App - Now also available in web version
The inspirational app from Gyptone is now also available in a web version - You can find it on