Halmstad Arena

Architect: Tengbom

Contractor: Anjobygg (a NCC company)

Halmstad Arena re-opened its doors in October 2009 after having completed a major renovation and expansion of the sports arena. The project, which was the result of close cooperation between contractor, architect, and Gyproc during all project phases, participated in the 7th international Saint-Gobain Gyproc Trophy Biennale, held in Amsterdam in June 2010.

To create a place with good acoustics for both sporting events and concerts have been the biggest challenge. Acoustics aspect was particularly challenging with a 16.5 meter high ceilings for an audience capacity of 3,800 people.

Gyptone acoustic wall is used inside the main hall. This solution offers the best possible sound absorption and sound insulation by combining Gyproc XR system for sound-insulating walls and Gyptone BIG acoustic boards for ceilings.

The acoustic walls used 3,200 meters of Gyproc XR studs and 1,100 square feet of Gyptone BIG Quattro 43 acoustic ceiling boards.