Cathedral Visitor Center

Architect: Carmen Izquierdo

Contractor: Projektstyrningsgruppen PSG AB

Domkyrkoforum in Lund is Sweden's representative in the 2012 edition of the Saint-Gobain Gypsum Trophy biennial competition.

Domkyrkoforum is a unique building of high architectural quality which has been recognized nationally. It is built just south of the old cathedral in Lund built in 12th century. The project included both a new integrated construction, and renovation of the former building.

The new section includes about 1,600 sqm and is facing the cathedral. The building blends into the surrounding cultural environment and has become a link between past and present. The ambition was to create an interesting interior and exterior space sequence with a portal to over 700,000 annual visitors and an open and integrated office area for daily activities.

The construction of Domkyrkoforum used the Gyptone acoustic range and Gyproc solutions for lightweight building technique. The ceiling in the building's upper part, which is visible from the lower floor, used Rigitone BIG acoustic ceilings to create a good sound environment and at the same time provide a smooth surface.