Edge E/A


Exposed grid, suspended – demountable


Gyptone Plank with long recessed E15 edges, is fixed in exposed reinforced T-15
grids, of galvanised steel sections with lacquered capping.


The T-sections are twisted into place in the robust shadow-line mouldings and are
self-supporting up to 2430 mm.


Gyptone Plank with straight short A edges is pre-painted and demountable.


Gyptone Plank must not be loaded. Fittings and the like must be hung separately from straps or fixed to another structure.


If mineral wool is behind the Planks the selfsupporting distance is reduced to a
maximum of 2100 mm. For higher distances adjustable hangers must be used.

Main T-section

L: 1830 mm - 2130 mm - 2430 mm

Shadow-line moulding

L: 3000 mm