Edge E15


Exposed grid, suspended – demountable


Gyptone tiles with type E15 edge, and recessed edges, are laid into exposed narrow T-15 grids of galvanised steel sections with white lacquered capping. The grid is suspended with for example adjustable hangers. The tiles are prepainted
and demountable.



The maximum load of the grid - apart from the weight of the tile - for a maximum of 3 mm sagging between the points of suspension, cc 1200 mm, is as follows:


• distributed load: 5 kg/m for T-15

• point load: 3 kg for T-15
(one point load in the centre)



The tiles can - for a maximum of 2 mm sagging - be point loaded with 3 kg/tile.



Main T-section

L: 3000 mm

Cross T-section

L: 600 mm (A2) or 1200 mm (2B)

Shadow-line moulding

L: 3000 mm

Adjustable hanger

for 90 - 500 mm lengths