1.1 Offices and departments of administration
Inspirational brochure with photos of offices and administration buildings. Gyptone is a natural product with great design possibilities that set the scene for a creative ceiling solution in a modern indoor environment. In large open-plan offices or departments of administration design is also an important factor contributing to the experience of a good indoor environment.

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1.2 Education
Inspirational brochure with photos of classrooms. Gyptone is a great choice for rooms filled with activities and teaching, especially because Gyptone is a solid product, which can withstand everyday demands and is easy to maintain.  If damage should occur you just replace one area without impairing the acoustics at all.

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1.3 Shops and shopping centres
Inspirational brochure with photos of shops and shopping centres. The rooms and areas where products are presented and sold must be nice and inviting. Gyptone solutions are simple and elegant and they also take into consideration acoustics and noise which arise when many people are gathered in one place.

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1.4 Hotels and restaurants
Inspirational brochure with photos of hotels and restaurants. With Gyptone you have the possibility to design ceilings and walls in big open receptions, restaurants and stairways, but there are also solutions for long corridors, where simple and easy access to hidden installations is a must.

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1.5 Public buildings
Inspirational brochure with photos of public buildings. The common factor for a public building must be that it is nice to be there. The rooms must be able to accommodate many people who each perceive impressions differently. Gyptone is simple in design and creates harmony in a room where there are often high ceilings or there is a need for acoustic qualities.

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1.6 Staircases and entries
Inspirational brochure with photos of staircases and entries. Gyptone ceilings and walls are easy to maintain in rooms exposed to wear and tear, which means a lot for their lifetime and the cost of operation and maintenance for many years to come

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1.7 Other projects
Inspirational brochure with photos of different projects and inspiration for how a normal wall or ceiling acquires a nice expression because it is used as a backdrop for something special in the room. Lighting, artwork and colours can create special atmospheres.

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BIG feelings. BIG ceilings.
In this brochure you can read about Gyptone BIG and "invisible" joints.

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Functionality & Design
The Inspiration brochure briefly informs about products, patterns and shapes, including a product key to choose edges and fixing systems.

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Gyptone BIG Sixto
In this brochure you can read about the two new Gyptone Sixto products, plus the new inspection hatch. It is also possible to read about how BIG Sixto lives up to the new acoustic requirements.

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