Gyptone acoustic wall solutions 

Acoustic regulation of new and existing rooms
Gyptone acoustic wall solutions are used for the acoustic regulation of rooms where lower reverberation times and improved speech intelligibility are desired.
Gyptone acoustic walls are easy to install and have a robust surface with high impact resistance. Naturally they are paintable in any colour.

The acoustic boards are made from predominantly recycled gypsum and reused cardboard. Used Gyptone ceilings can be completely reused in the production of new gypsum products.

Improved acoustic indoor environment
By using wall absorbers a significantly improved acoustic feeling of comfort in the room can be achieved, without continuous sound waves between perpendicular walls (flutter echo) plus a lower reverberation time in the room.

This specification consists of four acoustic wall solutions for existing rooms which need to be acoustically improved. Furthermore, it describes Gyptone integrated acoustic walls which are used in new partition walls or external walls where the sound absorbing capability is fully integrated into the wall surface.