Gyptone Trap 

Gyptone Trap is a selfsupporting suspended ceiling solution, primarily used in
corridors, where frequent access above the ceiling is required. The Trap system
is primarily used in hospitals but is also suitable for other segments like office
buildings, technicians rooms etc. The Trap element has modular size 600 x 1200 mm and thickness 12,5 mm. The gypsum board is mounted in a steel frame. Trap elements are fully recyclable.

The product range for Gyptone Trap includes 5 standard patterns: Trap Line 4, Point 11, Quattro 20, Quattro 50 and Base (non-perforated).

Trap Unit 580 x 1160 mm
Trap Wall profile, DirectL: 2400 mm
Trap Frieze profileL: 2400 mm
Trap Centre profileL: 2400 mm
Trap Frieze profileL: 2400 mm
Trap Suspension for Centre profile-
Trap HangerL: 240, 440, 640, 940 mm