Gyptone BIG Quattro 41 

The product range for Gyptone BIG offers two standard patterns with rectangular holes, two with hexagonal holes plus five standard patterns with square holes. Gyptone BIG is also available in Base without perforations. The boards are made with tapered edges of type B1.

The large format makes it possible to create large ceiling surfaces without visible joints also in combination with Gyptone BIG Base. The perforations are the only thing that breaks the uniformity of the ceiling surface.

The boards have perforations which together with the acoustic backing tissue give good acoustic properties.

Gyptone BIG are made from predominantly recycled gypsum and have very strong sustainability properties. Used Gyptone ceilings can be completely recycled in the production of new gypsum products.Gyptone BIG is delivered with Activ'Air, a patented technology that actively reduces VOC emissions, like f.ex. formaldehyde, into non harmful inert compounds.

Edges Modular size (mm) Thickness (mm) Fixing system Fixing/Surface Treatment

Long edge and
short edge

1200 x 2400
Timber battens Primary/
secondary system
Not demountable/


Gyptone BIG Access Panels are an integrated solution for Gyptone BIG. This allows for easy access to installations behind.

Gyptone Access Panels has a opening area of 510 x 510 mm.


Tapered short and long edge