Fire resistance

All Gyptone ceiling tiles have the CE-mark in relation to EN 14190 “Gypsum plaster-board products from reprocessing”. This means that the products are, among other things, fire tested and meet European fire requirements.

All of our standard products plus all of our standard structures are tested and rated as A2-s1, d0. The products are tested, among other things, for combustibility, smoke formation, plus falling drops. The Nordic requirements for materials, which are used for ceiling structures, are normally A2-s1, d0 or lower ratings.

Protective Linings
There will continue to be requirements in the Nordic countries for protective linings on surfaces and their ability to protect structures behind them. The term for this requirement in Nordic building regulations is for example in Denmark K1 10 (new term) or Grade 1 protective lining (existing term).

Maximum Nordic requirements for protective linings:
K1 10 or Grade 1 protective lining (Gyptone is classified as Grade 1 protective lining)

K2 10 or Tändskyddande beklädnad(Gyptone is classified as, Tändskyddande beklädnad)

K2 10 or Kledning K1-A(Gyptone is classified as, Kledning K1-A)

K2 10 or Palonlevittämisluokka 1(Gyptone is classified as, Palonlevittämisluokka 1)