Indoor climate

Gyptone acoustic ceilings have best indoor climate rating 

We spend many hours inside buildings. Therefore it is important to have a good indoor climate, which is a combination of several things.

Gyproc A/S belongs to the Danish Indoor Climate Labelling Association, a voluntary system which gives producers and suppliers the possibility for uniform conditions when testing is done for degasification and dust particles.

The test methods and value specifications are standardised for wall and ceiling systems. The different tests include a chemical analysis in a climate chamber and an assessment by a “live” test panel.

The results are summed up in an indoor climate time value, which is the time it takes before degasification has reached an acceptable level.  This is referred to as the “threshold value”.

The lowest the threshold value can be is 10 days and the highest is 30 days. Products with a time value of more than 30 days cannot achieve a certificate.

Gyptone acoustic ceilings and walls have certificates with the lowest value of 10 days, which means that emissions from the products are at the lowest level. This quality in our products will contribute to the cleanest indoor climate.