10 mm tiles

New ligther Gyptone acoustic ceilings - Questions & Answers 
Gyptone ceiling tiles in format 600 x 600 mm are now available in a ne lighther version which is only 10 mm thick*. The new ceiling tiles are weighs 13% less, which means more tiles per box and no less than 33% more m2 per pallet. The new ceiling tiles can be installed with existing 12.5 mm tiles with no visible difference.

* Applies to all Gyptone tiles in size 600 x 600 mm with edge A and E15

Why are the plates made ligther?
By reducing the thickness of our tiles, we have made Gyptone 600 x 600 mm products lighter and easier to transport, store and install.

What about the load, deflection, edges etc..?
There are no changes in product properties. the density of the gypsum has been optimized so all properties are preserved.

What about fire approval, acoustics and labeling ?
The new Gyptone products are approved to all the same standards as before in regards to fire, acoustics and indoor air quality. There are no changes in product properties.

Can the new Gyptone tiles mixed with the existing 12.5 mm products?
Yes, there is no visible difference when ceilings are installed.

What is amended by packaging?
Our packaging has been redesigned, and in addition, there are now 8 tiles per box instead of 6. This means approx. 46 m2 on the pallet, compared to approx. 35 m2 before - an increase of 33%.

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