Recycling gypsum

Gyptone acoustic ceilings are collected and reused 

Gyptone acoustic ceilings are made out of gypsum and cardboard. The cardboard is made out of recycled paper from existing recycling systems, where the paper is collected from recycling centres. Used Gyptone ceilings are collected together with other gypsum waste and reused in the production of new gypsum products.  But the gypsum waste can also be used for fertilising and earth improvements in farming and gardening.

None of the plasterboard’s components negatively affect the environment. Gyptone ceilings are therefore among the few types of ceilings which can live up to the increasing requirements for reusing building materials and for sustainable environmental solutions.

Ceilings based on other standard materials can not be reused to the same extent and must instead be deposited in the ground because of lack of biodegradability and additives.

Gyproc A/S and Gips Recycling A/S offer a completely finished system for collecting, treating and reusing building sites’ gypsum waste.

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